Velvet Coffee Roasters | Roasting daily in Auckland make that ‘damned good cup of coffee’ consistently - Roasting daily in Auckland make that ‘damned good cup of coffee’ consistently


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Hi everyone. I realise a lot of other roasters have already been and are currently sending out online orders. I have desperately wanted to do this but for everyone’s safety I wanted to wait a full 12-days in isolation ensuring that I wasn’t showing any symptoms during that time. Your health and safety are paramount to us.

So on Sunday – 5th of April I will be taking orders for coffee and chocolate online again. This is within the essential services list from the MBIE based on their new policies received April 1st after some adjustments were made.

Operating with a single person protocol & contactless – minimises the risk and I have allowed 12-days in total isolation. All steps – gloves, masks and disinfecting all surfaces are being used and we have registered with MPI (safe practices).

I will be roasting again on the Monday 6th and will send out Monday – giving you the freshest coffee directly, contactless to your door. I will also include instructions on how you can remain safe once the package has been received

I hope everyone is safe and hope you can appreciate that during this level 4 lockdown we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure your health and wellbeing!

Now it’s time to give back to you some of that fresh goodness to keep you all sane and healthy!

#stayathome #keepotherssafe

About Us

Velvet Coffee Roasters

I am Stuart, here’s my story.

I set up Velvet Coffee Roasters in 2008 in order to create a unique artisan coffee company & sell only to passionate coffee operators, who care about every part of the coffee making process & deliver a complete “Love In A Cup”

Coffee Experience.

My back story served me well – 12 years in the wine industry & as you’ll know an exceptional palate is required to work out the “best of the best”. This is where I refined my palate. I was also lucky enough to work under a well renowned coffee connoisseur who honed in on my skills & helped me develop even more, he had an uncanny amount of knowledge and to this day it still astounds me. I continue to share this knowledge for the greater good of coffee – a gift I am very thankful for.

My palate become more refined so I started cupping & creating coffee blends & won my first New Zealand Coffee award in 2008, one of the most prestigious awards, I’m still very proud of today.

I currently roast out in West Auckland, with a 15 kilo Petroncini (my little girl “Audrey”), sweet outer, warm inner, full bodied with a lingering finish & balanced acidity –she provides a perfectly roasted bean.

To compliment Audrey, I also have another addition who brings a delicious amount of colour to Velvet, he comes in the name of Pete. I was lucky enough to snaffle Pete after I noticed he not only made the best coffee around town, but honed in on the little things that makes coffee drinking an exceptional experience. He joined me in 2011 & quickly immersed himself in all things coffee, not only in roasting, but also training barista’s & has an extremely considered & highly skilled training method. Baristas are soon schooled to make exceptional coffee – ie there’s no point in pretty pictures in your coffee cup if the coffee itself is made without love & attention… getting skilled up to Velvets high standards is not only complimentary to our coffee but to the Barista, the customer & clients alike – so everyone can experience the passion & warmth from our beans.

One particular point of difference with Velvet, you won’t see a rep delivering coffee or making calls to see how things are ticking along. At Velvet you’ll actually see myself (Owner/Director Stu) or Pete dropping in with your order in person &/or catching up, continuing to offer training/advice & ensuring your machines are more than adequately serviced & cared for & you as a client & your customers are having a great Velvet experience.


We’re doing our part

Air We Breathe

At Velvet we’ve installed a purified air solution system to eliminate any air pollution when roasting.

Packaging we use

Innocent package provide Velvet with their materials ie cups, lids, moulded carry trays, ice beverage clear cups & lids & the more important toilet paper – all made from Plants. As quoted by Innocent Packaging

Living in the future

The practical use of waste products, the ability to isolate starch molecules, and sustainable agriculture have transformed disposable food packaging into an industry beyond oil. Everything we make at Innocent we can unmake; everything is simply made from plants.

Animals we love

40c per bag of coffee sold by Velvet is donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in support of their elephant protection projects in Kenya.

Coffee sacks

These are made available at Velvet client sites & each sack (gold coin each) again is contributed back to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Ocean we can’t live without

Take time to pick up rubbish at your local beach. At our local Coromandel beach, Daisy Chain Cafe will gift you a free coffee (Velvet provide buckets for the rubbish collection)

roasted daily


Roasted to a City roast standard and dropped after a constant second crack (hence the name). This blend delivers every time via any extraction method, whether it is stovetop, plunger or espresso.

Containing 4-origins, all Arabica of a minimum A rating, two of which are direct from the grower. The Kenyan gives good acidity, the single estate PNG gives flavour & body whilst the other two knit everything together, to give the taste profile complexity, flavour, body and finish.

All Fair Trade Organic beans. Roasted to A Full-City colour, this blend contains 3-Arabica Origins. With the Origins source restricted in New Zealand to only a few, the coffee does however deliver a smooth nutty flavour. The South American Origin gives the coffee a nice initial hit whilst the African gives it the soft acidity.

Ideal as an espresso or Stovetop. Suited to a softer style of coffee.

Organic method of decaffeination. 100% Colombian and roasted to a City roast colour, again dropped after a constant second crack. This bean once roasted takes on a very dark appearance.

99.9% Caffeine free – Just look for the logo.

roasting for


Todays market is not only competitive but also challenging. In order to be successful in the hospitality industry its about delivering quality in every aspect, consistantly getting it right.

With our coffee we take special care to ensure the delivery of quality everytime and serving the right taste profile for your target market. We pride ourselves on tailoring our offering to each clients needs.

Velvet Coffee Roasters roast on a 30kg & 15kg Petroncini Roaster (Hot-air Convection Roasting). So whether your looking for a Brand or wanting to have your own label, this is a great place to stop

Get in touch about Wholesale

Corporate clients we’re supplying too:

Bodyworx Healthcare
Cleaver Partners
Forge Creative Ltd
HC Surfboards Ltd
Henderson High School
Images & Sound
Innocent Packaging Limited
Outboard Marine Technologies Ltd
Project 360 Plumbing
Renault Auckland
Salute Construction
The Skills Organisation

Get Velvet in your workplace

Velvet Gives

Velvet gives 40c per kilo sold to ‘The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Last Months Donation: $614.80

Velvet Supports

Rhino 911

Velvet is proud to support Rhino 911

At RHINO 911, we are focused on providing new solutions for on-the-ground response to wounded Rhinos for the survival of the Rhino Species.

Visit Rhino 911

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Velvet is proud to support the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Pioneers in rescuing and hand-raising orphan elephants and rhinos, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has worked at a field level for more than 40 years
to protect and conserve wildlife and habitats in Kenya.

Find out more here

where to find velvet



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